How to choose a photographer?

How to choose a photographer? How to choose a photographer to make your photo more interesting and memorable for a long time? How to make a beautiful portfolio for a resume? How to make unforgettable and beautiful photos at a birthday party or wedding day? The answer to these questions is simple but difficult: You need to find a real professional. There are many options for search, but usually you choose the recommended person from friends or  a well publicized photographer. Of course, there are many  professionals, but do you really  like their photography? -  each artist sees the world differently.
The easiest way for searching is the Internet. It is important not to limit yourself  by the top ten candidates, make a selection from fifty at least. Be sure to ask what technique the photographer used: the picture quality is highly depends of the level of the camera - the lower level -  the worse original photo, and therefore it needs more time to retouch. And the more changes required in the original photo, the less "alive" it becomes. In our experience, the best master should be with the Canon models camera, such as Canon Mark2, mark3, mark4... well, or Nikon(d2x, d3x...).